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I'm looking for new 19'' LCD for 300 $ and I want widescreen LCD but i heard that there are problems with resolutions in games.So I want to know is it worth to buy widescreen LCD and wich is better at 300$? :roll:
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  1. I wrote this in another thread. I'm much too tired and uncaring to feel as though I should re-word my advice as to keep my distance from the "spamming line" and avoid presumptions regarding some hidden fetish for my post count.

    It's pertinent.

    In my experience, if the game doesn't support Widescreen ... it'll stretch the image to fit the resolution. I think games look awful when stretched, but I'm picky about that. A solution to that is running the game in Window'ed mode at whatever resolution you like. However, that voids the in-game brightness settings as it assumes your Windows' desktop brightness/contrast/color/etc. settings.

    Widescreen is definitely great. I love being able to have a Microsoft Word document open and some other window or document open beside it where I can view both simultaneously. The resolution I'm using is 1680 x 1050.
  2. jesus fucking christ how many times will this question be posted.

    still i am a nice person. all you need to kow can be found here

  3. I just bought a widescreen and yes it looks terrible if you don't set the game to the monitors native resolution. The game I play doesn't offer widescreen resolutions on the ingame menu, but in the configuration.ini (of the game) I forced it to 1400x900 and it looks perfect.
  4. i hope your exaggerating about the terrible as even when i have screen fill it looks okay and better with anti-aliased scaling and finally for obvious reason perfect with 1:1 pixels if not sometimes a little small.

    i'm starting to think it is the quality of the LCD in how good it looks, in which case i say everyone to get my monitor or at least a dell.
  5. Quote:
    any game will look terrible on any LCD when it's streched and distorted

    in your opinion yes but IMO my images or games look fine when stretched. sure i like them in native or 1:1 pixel scaling but to me stretched look preety good so you statement is false.

    also have you used my LCD. i have not used yours as i do not know what it is and this is my first LCD apart from ones used at work and my laptop again my laptop does not look bad when stretched although not as good as this one so my argumetn of different monitors do it better AFAIK holds.
  6. I meant exactly what I said. Regardless of monitor brand or specs, if you play a game at standard resolutions (ie 800x600 or 1024x786) on a widescreen LCD it will look terrible. This is a matter of preference/opinion, not monitor specifications or brand.
  7. my patience is thin with you. so STFU YOU LITTLE NOOB AND START USING IN MY OPINION OR IMO FFS.

    i have already said it doesn't look terrible so how the hell do you know different monitors don't make a difference oh wise one. have you ownde and rigurously tested every goddamn monitor there is.
  8. Think about it .. a monitor can't stretch a picture without warping the picture .. it's simple math 4:3 image stretched to 16:10 -> warped picture aka. looks terrible if you don't like a stretched image..

    Doesn't matter at all what monitor it is .. as long as it is widescreen it cant fill the viewable area with a 4:3 image without warping the image.
  9. yes but it does not necessarily look awful, terrible whatever. it can look quite good or at least that is my experience of it. saying it looks bad on all monitors as fact is wrong. i have to admit i don't use non native res's in games where psosible but i have tested it out and to me it looks o.k. it sure as hell doesn't look terrible. that is a very strong word which to me doesn't fit with the facts.
  10. I respect your right not to mind stretched images, but I don't see how you can state that someone else isn't allowed to think it looks terrible.

    I was just trying to make the point that in this case you can in fact infer that any widescreen monitor will warp a 4:3 signal if it stretches it to fill the screen which is what i belive louky meant.
  11. Actually, let me rephrase, what I meant to say is that games stretched to fit widescreen look terrible on every LCD regardless of brand or specifications.
  12. which i have proven to be untrue, again you little prick, use IMO
  13. Quote:
    which i have proven to be untrue, again you little prick, use IMO

    I was agreeing with you till I read that, there is no need for that.

    Yeah he should have stated that it was an opinion (Although I agree they look horrible) but you dont need to get offensive.
  14. The question you should ask yourself above all else is... what resolution do you want to run your 4:3 games at? 1024x768 or 1280x1024?

    Personally, I would not go with a 19" Widescreen LCD. If you can afford it spend the extra cash and get a 20 or 20.1" widescreen, or just go with a standard 19" LCD.

    First, your resolution on a 19" widescreen is 1440x900 pixels. If you run games that only support 4:3 aspect ratio then your gaming resolution will be 1024x768. Also, 1440x900 is not *true* widescreen as its aspect ratio is only 14:9 and not 16:9. A 20" or 20.1" widescreen is your best bet, as running in 4:3 mode you still get 1280x1024 which is just as good as your standard 19" LCD. Also, most 19" LCDs (especially the cheap ones) do not have a DVI port on them. Plus 16:9 widescreens are 16:10 which are true widescreen displays with a little overkill.

    Second, to avoid "stretching", NVidia and ATI drivers both have a setting to configure the monitor scaling of your flat panel. This does, however, requite two things. One, you have to be using your LCD with a DVI cable. Except for the highest-end IGPs, this also requires that you be using an add-in video card and not a sappy little IGP. Taking these two into consideration, within your Flat Panel Settings of your display driver's control panel you can set your monitor to run with "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling." This will allow all games that only work with 4:3 aspect ratios to run in exactly that ratio. You will have black bars on ether side of the image, but for myself it is a small price to pay for the extra desktop space. Also, I use a Sceptre x20 Naga III. All games I have run on it have not experienced any tearing or ghosting.
  15. i know but i was in a bad mood and not willing to be nice to someone who is,well, words fail me to describe his arrogance or more likely lack of intelligence.

    i should bite my tongue but it was like banging my hwead of of a brick wall, i have dealt with too many of these type of people on these forums who spread bad info and also act like they are tech gods. like i say, a simple matter of saying if something is in your opinion is not too hard to do.

    i don't regret saying it to him but i do kinda regret it when it gives others the wrong idea of me, or perhaps the right one :P
  16. [*** ing christ how many times will this question be posted.

    still i am a nice person. all you need to kow can be found here


    You are so lucky. Jesus said all kinds of blasphemy could be forgiven. Be glad that He is so understanding.
  17. You do realize this question was posted back in September 2006, right?
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