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I have just bought a Zoostorm PC off of eBuyer as it was only £150. I am trying to install Windows 7 on it. I boot into the DVD no problem, get the usual grey "Windows is loading files" progress bar and then the windows logo saying windows is starting. At this point the screen goes black and everything stops.

After some googling and numerous different possibilities it seemed most likely a graphics driver issue. I have an nVidia GeForce 210 that ive put in to see if this helps, and i get the same issue but this time i get a mouse pointer in the middle of the black screen. If i keep moving the mouse the cursor moves for a second after the windows logo disappears then freezes.

Here is what i have tried

* Resetting the BIOS to defaults.
* Using the onboard graphics
* Using my graphics card
* Re-seating the RAM
* Slipstreaming the SATA drivers into the Win 7 Install DVD.
* Changing SATA mode to AHCI, IDE and RAID.

I have also tried installing windows XP. This is successful and detects the hard drive without me having to specify additional drivers. Upon restarting the PC and booting into the second part of the install it freezes on the pale blue wallpaper that setup uses.

The mobo is a gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2.

Can anyone help me!?
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  1. Run memtest on your RAM and verify it is good. Get it here:
  2. Thanks for your response! Just running that now and will post the result shortly!
  3. Thats passed with no errors at all :/
  4. Is the install media a copy of Windows or an original DVD?
  5. It's a copy, I have several copies of it and none work. I have an original server 2008 disc, should I try that?
  6. Tried that, does the same thing. I read on a microsoft forum that it may be the AMD cool'n'quiet feature, disabled that and still no luck!
  7. Do you have another DVD (optical) drive? Do you have an original install DVD?
  8. I yes, I have a USB one. I've tried with that and get the same issue. I don't have an original no, but I do have an ISO of it. Should I burn a new one and try again?
  9. Yes, burn a new ISO at the lowest possible speed.
  10. OK done that and still get the same issue!
  11. Is the CPU running at stock or modified settings (speed)? Same for the memory.
  12. Everything is running at stock settings. Ive reset the bios with the jumper. Ive just updated it from the gigabyte website, same thing. Ive tried using another monitor. Ive tried using my graphics card with an HDMI lead. There are two outputs from the motherboard DVI-D and VGA. ive only been using VGA and i have no DVI devices to connect to it. i wonder if setup is trying to output to that? I dont really want to have to send the machine back as it was a steal for the price!
  13. The prices may have to do with the problem. When Windows installs, it uses a generic VGA driver until much later in the process. So it will use any connection attached to a display during the install.

    I don't think this is a GPU/video card problem. You can see the BIOS and the install process starts, but then dies, correct?

    To be sure, remove the Nvidia GPU and only attempt your install with the on-board video.

    Also, verify that your SATA cables are firmly attached to both the motherboard and the storage devices. Same for their power connectors.

    If this makes no difference, you may need to scan the HDD to see it has a problem preventing the installation from happening (corruption, bad blocks, etc).
  14. Ive just tried it with no GPU and a different hard disk that is working ok and it still freezes. Yes it boots and i can navigate around the bios fine. But intstalling windows is when it doesnt like it.
  15. Just thought id post this, this is what ive bought. A lot of people have praised the PC in the reviews so it doesnt seem commo.
  16. Not a bad looking system. Is the BIOS current?
  17. Yep, updated to the latest version about an hour ago, still freezes :/
  18. Have you tried different SATA cables and/or ports?
  19. Just tried different SATA leads with different SATA ports. Still no luck. Should i be using AHCI, RAID or Native IDE. I know RAID is out of the question as i have only one HDD but still :)
  20. I would recommend you install with IDE to rule out as many issues as possible. There is a registry tweak you can use to enable AHCI assuming you can get a successful install in place.

    Without getting Win 7 installed, the mode doesn't matter.
  21. OK, just tried with IDE, disabled everything not needed in the BIOS. Still the same. I noticed when the Loading Windows logo dissapears the hard drive activity light flashes a few times and then stops and then it freezes. This is frustrating! :(
  22. I am honestly out of ideas. I would suspect that the motherboard is defective in some way given the components you have swapped in and out of the system.
  23. Thanks for your help and suggestions, i really appreciate it! I will arrange a return for the system and get a replacement! Thankyou!
  24. Good luck!
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