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I used xp for some time, but it finally pissed me off cause it can't run a few things (softice, GTA3) so I decided to install win2k on a separate hdd partition ( drive d: ). Ok, installation worked, and now win2k is set as the standard os, and xp not standard. When I try to boot XP, it says corrupt files etc, please insert win2k disc to correct. So it thinks its win2k or something. I think maybe making xp the standard boot os might fix this, but when I tried to find boot.ini, there was none. Anyone who can help me out (my dad needs to use the comp real bad too, so I'm in DEEP sh!t if I don't fix it)!

My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened his ass all over the place :eek:
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  1. Update- I found a boot.bxp file, but it only contains info to boot xp. haven't seen anything yet in any of the boot files I've searched that mentions win2k, yet win2k is the main.

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened his ass all over the place :eek:
  2. This is a known problem because Win2K is older and replaces some of the boot files of XP. Microsoft have an article on this in their knowledgebase database. It deals with exactly what you are experiencing right now and states the proper order of installation of all its OSes when multibooting them. Search for this article number: Q283433

    If you want a short answer here goes:
    Start the computer in Win2K and then copy the NTLDR and Ntdetect.com files from the i386 folder on the WinXP CD-ROM to the root of the system drive. I hope you've installed them on different partitions though!
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