Samsung x10 laptop Boot issue

Hi all,

Ive been asked to take a look at a samsung laptop and unfortunately dont have too much experience with them so ive got a couple of questions if anyone can answer them.

The Laptop is a Samsung x10. Up until a couple of weeks ago it was working ok. The owner turned the laptop on one day however and got the following symptoms.

The power light on the front turns on.
The DVD Drive light comes on and goes through the disk read process to ready the disk.
The hard drive appears to spins up.
The screen remains powered off.
Non of the keyboard indicators light up or respond (num, scroll or caps lock).
No beeps or sounds from the laptop beyond the fan occasionally spins up for a moment when powered on.

Now for the questions :).

Is this a sign that the finger print scanner has been activated at the bios level and is awaiting a valid finger print before it will continue boot up and power the screen on.
Is this a sign that someone has attempted to update the laptop with the X10 plus bios (which ive read in a few places is a bad idea).
Any other ideas?

Ive pulled the laptop completely to pieces looking to see if there was a bios chip i could short initially thinking it to be a bios issue. After failing to locate the bios chip I pulled the cmos battery connector and left it unplugged on the side for a week while away. Reassembly of the laptop and its the same behaviour still.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions / answers,
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  1. hi! i'm ramlee from malaysia . i already use samsung x10 laptop around 1 years . i buy from my friend .
    Now my problem is the cable from hard disk to mother board can't function .
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