Base system device drivers for sony vaio vgn-nw265f

my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I want a driver for base system device(its under other devices and
with a yellow triangle and !)
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  1. I already try that. I update my driver, but it don't work and sometime it is shutdown automatically, so I don't know waht to do ?
  2. the shutdown could be overheathingwhen was the last time you dust of the air vent and the fan igive you a link with the translator and install the plug in that could detect the missing driver another thing did you put all the critical update from sony for this laptop
  3. scout_03 said:

    if you could be more specific and say under which category in the download section would be nice
  4. @ mediya not having the system on visual it is hard to me to tel you witch one to download
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