If you have a webcam, you should try this game:

It is like the Eyetoy games on the PS2 and you can even make funny pictures of yourself using some kinds of deformed lens. My kids really love the game too. Obviously you need a webcam to play it.

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  1. Hi,
    I sugest to try WebCam Cyclops Play!
    Fantastic games!

    WebCam needed!
  2. You really should try the new game from Brontes Processing (best webcam games in my opinion) After playing EyeToy I really love playing motion decteted games. Fortunately those for PC are even better!

    I have already:

    Webcam Cyclops Play

    and The Vulture Strike

  3. sir i don't have enough money to buy it can you give a free copy please!!! heres my e-mail
    i really like it
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