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this may be a stupid question but..i was wondering if the dvd+-rw writers took up only one 5.25 drive or 2 of em. Cuz, i have a dell with a dvd rom in one drive and a cdrw in the other drive. I was wondering if the dvd+-rw writer only took up one drive, wouldnt you have to copy the contents of the cd or dvd to the cpu first then to the dvd? Wouldnt it be faster if there were two drives so it could burn the contents at the same time? Thanks for all replies.
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  1. Your safest error free copying is HDD image to Burner, copying on the fly with DVD is not a good idea, we're talking huge amounts of data transfer here sometimes over 8gb, and a DVD disk only holds 4.7gb of data, unless of course you go with a dual layer burner, soon to be the new market craze. A DVD burner only takes up 1, 5 1/2 bay.

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