How to reduce monthly bills for internet, cell, landline?

Hello, how would you reduce monthly expenses if you need:
>cell phone, but not more than about 120 minutes/mo. When I signed up for service, worked from anywhere other than the corner of my living room. Metro and ATT did not, nor I believe, sprint and nextel. I live down from the street over a gully/creek in Berkeley, CA 94707. My contract is finally up Nov. 29!
>internet: I use it for placing my business ads on craigslist, for research. My computer is either a pentium 4 laptop that does not work on ATT's service of 1.5-6 but did on slower service, and a pentium 3 desktop that does work on their high speed service, but I don't see much if any increased speed to the high speed for my purposes.
>Land line - this could be my cell phone number if cell service was unlimited. I like people being able to look up my number in the phone book, but I also have a website, so this is not so critical. I am on lifeline, and spend 26/month for landline, and $2-$5/mo. long distance.
I am open to buying new devices, such as a phone that functions as a modem. I do need to limit my outlay of money as well as monthly expenses.
Any suggestions about companies, plans, devices, phones? Obviously, I am not tech savvy! I have not used this forum before. Thanks,
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  1. PS I did not mention that where I live, down from the street over a gully,
    only Verizon works from anywhere other than the corner of my living room.
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