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I recently recieved an external HDD casing by a manufacturer that I am not familiar with from my uncle. With that, I bought a 5400rpm Seagate OEM 2.5" harddisk and installed it into the case.

I am running Windows 2000 server with dual overclocked Celeron CPUs. The system detects my drive as an USB device but cites a problem with the device driver not installed. The drive letter does not show up in "My Computer".

The provided readme with the external hard drive says that the drive is "easy to install" and "does not require a driver for Windows ME/2000/XP". Unfortunately this is not the case.

I was wondering is the problem purely driver based, or may it be because my harddrive is physically damaged?
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  1. Send it to me, I'll look it over (fix it if possible) and ship it back for $15 including shipping.

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