have windows xp, and i have a few Cd's with electronic schematics that I've downloaded from the Internet site,but they are compressed so i need Rar filles i one time downloaded the 3.8 rar files trial from Rar lab they worked great, now it works no more,it says that i have to pay,now i don't mine to pay but i don't trust much these sites, i tried with the LABRAR everything went smooth on the order form til a saw a form from my bank which i had to feel out with my visa card # and name again, they said that was for security purpose, i 've found that strange because i ordered many times and i never had to do this way,so i did not order from there,do you know any trustworthy site where i can order a CD with this rar files, also this place on e-bay sells this billow is this any good for windows XP,or is there something simlar that i can get,thanks in advance.

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  1. ...just use winRAR...it's free...it says "40 day trial" but I've never had it tell me to buy it.

  2. even better is tugzip completely open source and free forever
  3. Thank you all my friends where can i get Tug-zip?and a place where no virus are downloaded all together.
  4. I finelly can open the winrar filles,i made recovery, i upgraded xp sp1 to xp sp2 and upgraded adobe acrobat to 9.0,don't know which of the installs made the rar filles to work, well what matters is that i got it after so much hours lost on the computer,i'm not very good with this stuff,i just got this vaio with w.XP that my son had, and i'm more used to windows 2000, but i'm learnig with the help of this forum and i apreciated.
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