Gateway Solo 2500 LCD Display issue

I have a Gateway Solo 2500 that is apprx 10 years old. The CMOS battery needed replacing so I opened it up to see what number I needed. Surprise, it is not the watch battery type it is some green glob looking thing. So without doing anything to the case except removing the keyboard cover, etc to get to the batter, I close it back up. Simply enough. Now the LCD Display has quit working and I'm puzzled. Can anyone shed some light on what I might have disturbed that affects the LCD operation?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There's a cable that runs from the LCD to the motherboard of your unit. Usually they're a pretty tight fit and they're quite short. It's possible you just bumped or tugged the cable out of it's socket.
  2. Thanks. I reseated the cable to see if that would work. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be it. Any other suggestions?
  3. Try booting the unit with an external monitor - see if anything comes up.
  4. Nothing happens when I plug an external monitor in.
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