Can I replace my laptop HD, currently Sata 1.5, with a Sata 3..0?

I bought a Toshiba X205-Sli1, but it was upgraded. The original one was a 5400, but the new one is 7200. I didn't upgrade it myself, and I didn't pay for the upgrade, so its not a big deal.

Basically, I have 2, 200gb Hitachi Travelstar 7k200 drives installed currently.

This is the one that is installed,

Personally, I like western digital, and if I have to, seagate.

I've heard problems with Hitachi failing, that is this version, after 3 months. It seems to be the biggest complaint, "3 months and it fails". I guess after 3 months you have less to worry about.

But, the current one is 7200 RPM, 16mb, Sata 1.5gb/s notebook hard drive.

I wanted to put one of these in,

I know about desktops and such, but Im still learning laptops. So does a sata 3.0 work if a sata 1.5 does? Or does it have a different hookup?
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  1. They use the same connector, and, generally, most of them are interchangeable. Some drives act funny when on the wrong bus...but I've only found a few that do so.
  2. It should work. The connector is physically the same, and in 99% of cases, it is perfectly backwards compatible.
  3. Get the WD Black (I have the Blue), and it'll be fine the controller handle the aut detect (no jumper needed). The only thing I've even heard issues with is NCQ is a drive to drive issue, but that could be controller to controller quality really.
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