Which would you prefer: Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Original iPad?

I'm have an opportunity to purchase either an iPad 1 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I'm kinda torn between the two. A relative has both, and has agreed to give me my choice for 300 bucks. I know the hardware in the Tab is superior to the original iPad, but availability of apps covers a lot of extra ground for the iPad (in my opinion). Either way, the unit will be used primarily for family entertainment, and I'm an avid gamer (all platforms) so game availability and performance are definite considerations. I'd like my fellow tech-heads to weigh in and let me know their opinions. Which would you choose?

Also, just for consideration, the iPad is of course used (but in good condition), and the Tab is NIB.
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  1. I would give the Galaxy a try,in that it's new.My first and last experience with apple was with their ipod,which died an untimely death on me.Their -0- support wasn't what I had hoped for.They failed to keep me as a customer.
  2. It might be worth you looking at the (recently reduced) Blackberry Playbook; and the new Amazon Kindle Fire.

    Brand new Playbook = now less than £300, and the Fire (if you can wait for it's UK release) is likely to be under £200.

    As with most things, it will depend largely on what you need it for, but these two could provide a cost effective option for you.

    Hope it helps!
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