Advise pls mobile F917

I think that I have figured out that it is not an Android Phone but how do I know if it is a smartphone at all?

I got if because it has the 3 sims plus wifi and was able to set up and get the wifi working then shut it down and can not get it working again

I have already checked that I can access the internet using the WAP settings so am happy that it works but can not understand why wifi stopped

also i can not figure out how to get rid of the settings pre-installed on the phone such as the defualt internet option (which is different to the browser install which is Opera Min on clicking the internet icon it automatically goes to a google wap address in china and although i delete and save changes it is the same each time

so i figure i need to delete all of the apps/software and start again but do not know how
I have also tried to reset it to factory default some thing got changed but not all as I thought it would be

sorry if this is the wrong forum but your expertise would be greatly appreciated
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  1. all solved now - got Connectify!! issue must be with my home wireless
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