alienware m17. screen replaceable?

As you can see I am new to the tom hardware community. I have been dying to find out the answer to the following question; so I decided to join your community.

Ok so I orderd the new alienware m17. I have heard from a different thread buried somewhere in this forum that the m17 is fully customizable with everything on the hardware upgrade list. Now, does this INCLUDE upgrading the screen from the baseline 1440x900 screen to the higher resolution (1900 x1200 or somthing) after purchase. I would not be able to do this upgrade myself but I am close with someone who is fully qualified to do this upgrade so I just want to know if it is possible. I wanted to keep the price at around £1500 so I did not want to get this upgrade straight away but I do want to upgrade the laptop in the future; like the fancy quad core it offers :D .

If the upgrade is not possible, I would like to hear from someone with a completely balanced view, on how the 1440x900 resolution looks on the 17 inch screen.

Any balanced informative response is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. 1440x900 on 17" is pretty big, but it still looks fine. You can perform the upgrade, just make sure your friend is careful.
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