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I'm currently running Win2000 Pro and it has an option for displaying os options at startup for a certain length of time. Does thi mean I can just install Win98 and dual boot without having to use any special software like with Linux/Win98. I like 2000 but it wont use any of my older games (USAF, Podracer, DungeonKeeper) or some of the cool software with my new Asus 7700 Deluxe. I'm running a 2pc network and dsl if it matters. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx
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  1. I've never tried using Win2K's boot manager, but it should do exactly what you want it to.
  2. Thanx for the quick reply, I'm gonna try it right now. Laterz
  3. Well Diemos, did it work?
  4. Nope, it will boot 2000 but I get vfat errors when tryin to boot 98. Oh well the search continues. Do yo know anywhere I can get a good dual boot software? I really miss Janes USAF and DungeonKeeper2. Thanx
  5. Did you install Win98 on a different hard drive or just a separate partition? And you did format the drive/partition as FAT32, right? Win98 can't read the Win2K filesystem. It's a simple, but easily overlooked problem.
  6. I had Win2000 on the primary, active partion and W98 on the secondary partition. I could see the install from 2000 but I couldn't boot to it, even from dos. Can I ghost a 98 install to the other partion or do I have to clean install to it. Any suggestions are welcome, thanx.

    P.S. I just saw in another post that 98 has to be installed first and then 2000. Is that right or just hot air?

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  7. Win98 is very fussy. I always say that Win 95/98/Me has an inferiority complex because it will very rarely work properly if it is not on the primary partition. I would try Win98 on the main partition and Win2K on the secondary.
  8. You need to install silly 98 first and try installing 2000.
  9. i've never had the privledge of working with win2k pro but, with winnt4 i've had to install winme or win98 first on the primary partition, and then when i started the winnt4 install it tries to con you into installing in the primary partition and then tries again to convince you to install in the original win98/me/etc./ folder. experiance has shown me to create and then install to a new folder on the secondary partiton, and let the newly installed os boot manager do the rest of the work, and then edit the system property for the boot manager priority settings. let me know if this is any help.

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  10. Thanx for all your help guys, but I give up. I like the way my 2000 is runnin too much to reinstall and I dont think I can use norton ghost images to do this. I'll just stick all my old games on my wifes comp and beg for play time when I crave it. Thanx again, ya'll have a good one.

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  11. here comes flavio to the rescue!!!!
    i got 3 os's running, triple booting right now. win2k, winME, and linux. i need to know if you coverted your win2k file system to NTFS or FAT32. if your win2k is on a NTFS file sys. then you are fu#ked. nothing you can do.
    but if it is FAT32 or FAT16 it's no problem...

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  12. yep they are right. i made that DAMN FUKcING mistake, now im really hurting bad. I hate win2k, boggs my system down, [-peep-] up everything, games crash all the time. just tried to install 98 from dos, didnt work. tried it in windows, didnt work. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr have to format now, damn it...
  13. OK, check this out guys. I thought I could leave it alone but who can , right? I grabbed that old WD 8.4 and just through to slave, with the win98 install still onit. I set the bios to boot from that drive and everything went fine until windows was done doin its detection crap. When I restarted it seemed to be fine, but at the end of the loading screen it gives this error, " while initializing this device, SHELL, could not find shell.exe, path not found" Is that wierd? Do I need to change anything in my config.sys or autoexec.bat or am I just screwed? Oh yea, my win2000 file system is FAT32. I didn't know it could use that. Any way, all suggestion will be greatly appreciated, thanx.
    P.S. Sorry this is the current setup:
    Asus a7v
    WD 20.5 on pri ATA66, 2 partitions- win2000 on pri, data on sec
    WD 8.4 on sec ATA66, 1 partion w/ win98

    I figured Icould use the bios as a boot manager. Is that crazy or ingenius, you tell me?
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  14. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa!!!! I decided to put the 8.4 on master and the 20.5 on slave and now every thing is peachy. I can choose what os to use by simply bootong from the corresponding drive. I can even swap data from one to another. This rocks, I'll catch you laterz guys thanx for all your help. I'm gonna go play USAF on my GTS for the first time :)

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