Help Me Choosing A Laptop !

Hello Dear Reader,
I love you that you are gonna help me, Thanks In Advance !

I just wanna buy a ACER Laptop but the one I choosed was not having a ExpressCard Slot !, So the point is I want a ACER Laptop, if you cannot find, please then find another with sexy looks n blue in color, PLEASEEE !

The Specs Should Be:
CPU: Core i7
GPU: Integrated - No Dedicated, I Repeat NO DEDICATED !
RAM: Any
HDD: Bigger Than 500GB or equal to 500GB !

& Please find one that is blue in color as well as it must has an Express Card Slot (any size ! :) !), Please help me out !

& i find cannot find ACER in blue, then find laptops that are blue or red in color, black will work , but the blue or red will be apreciated !

I just want an acer laptop in BLUE/RED/Black/Green Color !
the specs should be:
CPU: Core i7 - 2nd gen
HDD: more than 500GB or equal to 500GB
OD: original preinstalled windows 7 x64 :) !

n no need of express card, OK , now let me get 1, am choosing no GPU because it will high the vcost, I want an cheap but powerful CPU :) !, so please no dedicated gpu ! n ACER ONLY PLEASE! :) ! UK country ! bye !

THanks in advance.
Xeeshan Rahat.
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  1. why do you need an express card slot,
    no dedicated gpu ?? but an i7 ?
    what on earth are you using it for
  2. the only one with an express card I found was an obscure MSI model that was no where near what you needed. Re think what you want.
  3. "The path you choose is a thorny one ." The Wolf Man , 1941.
  4. PLease help me guys !
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