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I have a Sager NP9262 that I just purchased. I'm trying to run a monitor off the DVI port, however everytime the laptop boots and tries to switch to the external monitor it crashes to blue screen, memory dumps and reboots. Does this over and over again until either I unplug the monitor or turn off the monitor. I don't get it. I have 9800 M GT's in SLI. I"ve tried 5 different Nvidia drivers. Dating from the very first supported driver all the way to the most recent beta. Nothing works always crashed to bluescreen when switching to the monitor. Does anyone else have any ideas. This is my first time trying to use a external monitor on a laptop. I bought this for that purpose plus the moblity since I travel alot. I don't have many more ideas. If anyone has a suggestions please help. Thanks!
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  1. Id be willing to bet its a driver issue with SLI and dual monitors. The only real way to test it is to disable SLI or remove a videocard so you know your not running in SLI mode.

    Normally with an external monitor you just plug it in, and then hit Fn+(key) and it switches your video output which is sounds like your doing.

    I would go ask this same question here: http://laptopvideo2go.com/ to get a better answer.
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