Need to reinstall drivers on boot.

I recently got a new ssd and installed Windows 7 on it (I used the oem code on the bottom of my laptop [Lenovo Y580] along with the iso from digitalriver). It's been... well, as good as you can expect windows to be up until yesterday. When I booted the laptop into Windows, I had no internet despite having an ethernet cable connected. I checked to make sure it wasn't just my router. Sure enough, wifi and ethernet work perfectly in Ubuntu. I went into windows again and checked if I had the latest drivers. I did, so I tried reinstalling them and everything worked fine. Until I restarted. Every single time I restart I need to reinstall my wifi and ethernet drivers. It takes seconds, but it's still annoying and shouldn't be happening. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Any help would still be appreciated, the problem persists.
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