What about external graphics cards?

I know they are not mentioned very frequently but what about pairing up an external graphics card with a laptop for gaming.

I'm already aware I would need to purchase an external display.

What expansion port would I need to plug in an external graphics card? How expensive is the enclosure?

I never got the answer to my last question: Will Team fortress 2, Command and Conquer 3, and Red Alert 3 even run on a Macbook with Windows installed via boot camp and if so at what resolution?

I'm already aware Macs are not great for gaming!

I also know OSX has very few ports of popular windows games, and I would need to install windows to play most games!!!

On the Command and Conquer 3 box it says a GeForce 4+ for Windows XP and GeForce 6100+ for Vista is required to run the game. Does this imply a GeForce 9400M would have no trouble running Command and Conquer 3 at a low to medium resolution?
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  1. The only interface I know is the Asus XG station:

    It requires an expresscard slot, which no Mac is equipped with (Apple thought the artists wouldn't need one...now they can't even get photoshop CS4).

    And, yes, your thoughts are true on C&C 3 - however, be careful on other games! Game boxes list desktop cards only! A 9400M is NOT equivalent to a desktop 9400!

    The "best graphics cards for the money" has a graphics card comparison table that lists what the 9400M is comparable to in the desktop world.
  2. Could you post a link to the "best graphics cards for the money" chart you're talking about that lists what the 9400 is comparable to? I can't find it.
  3. Thanks!
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