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Can I install XP on my Toshiba L455 that is running Windows 7?

I have a Toshiba L455 laptop that I recently purchased from a friend. It is running Windows 7. However, I keep getting these messages about counterfeit software and I cannot accept any Windows Updates without a key. I have a valid copy of XP w/service pak 3 with a key that I'd like to install on this laptop. I did not get a disc with this laptop but it is my understanding that he formatted this by "installing factory defaults." I don't know all this computer language so I'd like some simple instructions. And no, I can't go back to my "friend" to get this problem fixed. Also, the XP disc I have was used on a desktop. Does that matter? Do I need a specific "laptop disc" of XP or does that matter?
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  1. XP will work as long as your copy is a Full Retail Product. It won't work if its an upgrade or an OEM that's already been used.

    If you want to keep 7, then I would go download an original copy of 7, and enter the key thats on the sticker on the bottom. That should work.
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    Hi :)

    We are NOT allowed to discuss or help with ILLEGAL SOFTWARE here at Toms....

    All the best Brett :)
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