the best value lcd monitor with budget up to US $300

hi all, i'm new to the lcd thing. any recommendation on buying value lcd monitor with a budget range from $200 to $300?

i really like to have a widescreen lcd monitor, it looks good to the eye, but if it's not worthy than a not widescreen lcd monitor is ok too. :P

any size of the lcd " will be ok, exclude the 15" one.

thanks in advance..
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  1. buy a Samsung 931BF or 931C. idk which one is better, but you cant lose with either one. their specs are almost identical.
  2. If you like the Brite Screen and can stretch your budget to $325, check out the NEC 90GX2. It's a WOW for games!
  3. thanks jamse and hose! :)

    how about wide screen lcd monitor?
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