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I have an Hp Pavilion dv 1000 laptop which for some reason asks me to enter a password as soon as i turn on the computer. However, let me explain exactly what happens. When i turn on the laptop the HP invent logo shows up on the screen. about 2 seconds later the computer makes a beeping noise and then redirects me to a blue box which asks me to enter a password. if i fail to put in the wrong password 3 times in a row a message comes up saying that the system is disabled. I have tried to input every single password i have ever used on the laptop and none of them worked. i've restarted the computer several times and still nothing changes. i've also called microsoft and Hp and they were not help full at all. So if anyone knows how to fix this i would really appreciate it if you told me how to fix it. Thank you very much for the help
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  1. The only ways I know of to disable that password are to first get past it. It sounds like for some reason, a boot password got set in the BIOS, which means that the computer will not boot in any way (to a CD, to a hard drive, etc) until the password is entered. Did this just start happening recently?
  2. yeah it happened about a week ago, i usually leave the computer on and one day i came home and it was asking me to enter a password.
  3. That's odd - it should be independent of the operating system, and only on if you enabled it. Could anybody else have accessed the computer while you were away and added the password without you knowing about it?
  4. nope not at all, is there any way to fix this?
  5. Not any easy way. HP might be able to do that, but I can't think of any way to do it yourself.
  6. dear helpme01,
    you need to take it to your nearest service centre to flashing the bios. this may be more tasking and costly.
  7. Flashing the BIOS? Uh, no. Needs to have the Supervisor / Power-On Password reset. Looking at $$$, for that though-- unless 1) it's under warranty and 2) you can prove you're the original owner.
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