Pocket Sizes, Pocket Prices But Packed With Features: Sansa e270 vs Creative Zen

When you want a colour flash player, you can pick looks, features, price - or all three. Mary Branscombe looks at the Sansa e270 and the Creative Zen V. Creative packs a colourful screen and capable features into the tiny Zen V, but SanDisk gives you storage, expansion and a great screen, if you can find room in your pocket a player that\'s just a little thicker than an iPod Nano.
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  1. It's clear that the Ipod no loger stands alone as a true personal multimedia player but Creative and SanDisk have their work cut out for them seing how most of the brainless consumers are already set on the might Ipod without giving a thought to the alternatives... yet times change :)
  2. If I understood right the Sansa e270 is yet another player (often called MP3 player) that cannot play mp3 files.
    The Creative Zen V on the other hand can cope with MP3 files as long as the bitrate is not to high.

    Having to use proprietary software on a computer or relying on what software is installed on a computer severly stops me from using my computer at work and other computers with older version of O/S.

    Some of this software if installed on two different computers does not allow you to add som music while at home and then add some other music while at work.

    This thing that players cannot play MP3 files which means that you always have to convert them and you have to use the software that comes with the player should really be highlighted in tests and specifications.
  3. Now that you mention it i reread the article and i got this: 'Copying files across converts them to WMA, which does take a little less space; this is only slow in older versions of Windows Media Player and a 6MB file copies in around six seconds. ' so in other words, the player only suports MP3s after the software converts it to WMA. That's stupid and really unnecessary not to mention the qualitiy loss resulting from transcoding. That being said, if you want a basic drag'n drop player and can live with 1G the Creative Muvo looks perfect.
  4. Actually, I believe the coverting to WMA is a feature of Windows Media Player. I have looked it up and this device should be capable of playing MP3s, and it can be set up to support "drag'n'drop" in Windows Explorer like a regular flash drive. It does not mention the need to only do that using WMA files. However, since I do not own this device (yet), I could easily be wrong.
  5. then we're good :)
  6. i bougth a ZEM Micro early this year and I can asure you that you don´t need to convert mp3 files. also i´d like to say that creative kicks iPods a**s in price/performance and with the ZEN Micro Media Explorer you can drag and drop any media file and besides it the windows xp has its own suport for portable media devices.
  7. I got the Sansa a few weeks ago and I must say I am VERY happy with it. After having many problems with my iPod Mini, I will never buy an iPod ever again.

    My only complaint about the sansa is how hard it is to get playlists on it. You have to use a program like Windows Media Player to sync a playlist onto the player, or use the on-the-go playlist maker (which is more clunky than the iPods on-the-go playlist maker because you have to do each song individually instead of a whole album at a time).

    The player does play MP3s, just drag and drop them on. No iTunes type program required (which I like, I hate having to use a program, I like doing things manually). And I don't know if there is another option, but with the media converter the player comes with it is VERY easy to get pictures and videos on to the player. The converter changes any file type (well, that i have tried) to a .mov and puts it directly onto the player. Very simple.

    All in all I love the sansa. I didn't do much research into the creative before I bough the sansa because I wanted the 6GB and the option to add extra memory in the future.
  8. The best thing about the Creative and the Sansa players in this article, as compared to iPod, is that the design will change as consumer demands do; Creative and Sansa (and others) aren't stuck with an "iconic" design, which is really a double edged sword now that portable video is becoming more commonplace. I mean, who the hell wants half of their video capable PMP's chassis taken up by a control surface?

    Another great thing about these players? Every second person doesn't have one:)
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