Broken Laptop - Aspire 5102 WLMi Won't Boot !?!? (Video Included!)

Hi, I need help fixing my laptop before Christmas!

I have changed the RAM and everything, Reinstalled Vista, but still nothing! Please help me!!!!!! :love: :love:
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  1. Unplug everything you can from the machine - CD rom drive, hard disk, one stick of RAM, the battery, any external device. Then plug them in one at a time until you get that error. Then you'll know what's causing the conflict.
  2. Also take out any mini-PCI cards and / or modem card (should be accesible form the back or underneath the keyboard)

    Sounds like the BIOS laid an egg
  3. Oh man! I done all that, tried the HDD too... Even the charger lol! :p

    I also got a new WiFi card, and still nothing.. man :( I need this! Or no Christmas lol! :p

    Thanks so far guys... Very Knowledgeable, I have never had an unsolved thread!
  4. What do u mean by BIOS laid an egg :S
  5. Looks like the System managment part of the BIOS seems to be corrupt and or the DMI is corrupt.

    Sometimes We Miss the Obvious Dept.
    You did try resetting the BIOS. . "Set BIOS Defaults" or similar, right?

    Or if you get into Setup. . disable everything you can. . . I don't know what is at PCI 3, probably Audio, but could be NIC (unlikely, usually at 1) or Modem-- probably audio.

    Otherwise you pull the BIOS battery. Or you could try a re-flash to clear the DMI
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