How can i connect my iphone to a mobile dvd player with usb

How can I connect my iphone to the dvd player in my car. It has a single AV jack and a usb? Thanks,
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  1. If mobile dvd player has video and audio input, then you can see if the video output from the iphone fits or not. If it fits, then use iphone to play the video and the mobile dvd player will act as the screen and speaker displaying the video and playing the sound.

    If there is no video and audio input, then plug iphone to mobile dvd player as external storage via usb (the storage have to be in file file system that the dvd player can recognise).

    Recognition of iphone as a storage device by the dvd player is something I am not sure whether it is achievable because I am not sure if iphone use the usual file system like other phones. I know Apple OS on computer can't support NTFS by default. In fact I don't even know whether iphone allow you to use the phone as a storage device when connected via usb like other phones. You may want to explore that. May be there is an app to support that function if the phone does not support it by default.

    Then you have to make sure the codec of the video you play is supported by the dvd player in order to get everything working.
  2. If your car player has an iPhone/iPod interface, use that, will work fine. Using the iPhone as storage won't work because if the songs on the device have DRM on it, the car audio player will not be able to play them, unless for some reason it has that tech built-in.

    If you have bluetooth on the car stereo, you may be able to pair it with the phone and play it that way.

    You can hook up the iPhone to the stereo using the aux in on the stereo and the headphone out on the iPhone, will probably need to buy a cable for that but they are only a few dollars.
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  4. Some phones come with a wire to connect it by usb to different devices , the issue with iphones is the availability of the various wires with the correct ends. You can go to the Apple store online and see if they have a wire with a usb on one end and the connecter for your iphone on the other. The other option is blue tooth and a lot of the newer cars are now comming with blue tooth capability.
  5. I have posted this same question but in regards to switching from a iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5. Apple has changed the cord and now what worked with my 4s on my DVD player in my van, won't stream video as it did before, only audio. Any suggestions?
  6. deena_26 said:
    How can I connect my iphone to the dvd player in my car. It has a single AV jack and a usb? Thanks,
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