Got 6.3 in gaming graphics but in graphics got 4.9 in Win 7 rating

In my windows 7 rating i have got 6.3 in gaming graphics but in graphics i have got only 4.9. Why this is happening??? A graphics card which is good for gaming is that not good for desktop aero graphics????? Please reply if is there any fix for this issue...
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  1. What is your GPU?
  2. According to Microsoft on the Graphics score, "This measurement is based on video memory bandwidth (megabytes per second), so the higher the dedicated graphics memory in your video card, the better this score is likely to be. A 256-megabyte (MB) video card, for example, is almost certain to get a higher score than a 128-MB card."

    If you don't really have a small amount of dedicated video RAM, try updating your drivers and re-run the assessment. Don't read too much into it though, because WEI isn't known to be the most accurate representation of performance.
  3. I have 9500GT with 1GB dedicated graphics ram. So i think it has lot memory bandwidth. And i have latest graphics driver.
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