Is it possible to conect 2 cell phones directly together?

I was wondering is it possible to connect to cellular phones together with out a carrier e.g., verizon sprint tmoble at&t with out breaking any (FCC RULES of course)?

i was hopeing to use them as a long range wifi bridge for free.

I dont want to pay for any phone contracts, its just p2p connecction between the two phones with out connecting to a cellular tower to carry the internet with me in town

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  1. Your range will be very limit but you can do that with bluetooth. I know there is an app for it on Nokia Symbian. But I found it silly as the range is so short and didn't try it. I suspect there will be similar thing for Android.

    Otherwise, I suggest using VoIP.
  2. You can't use phones to relay signals to each other like that, especially with no data service. By Long Range you will have maybe a 10 foot or less range to get the phones connected to each other.

    Use two directional antennas if you want to send a WiFi signal across a distance.
  3. thanks
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