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Help! Searching for a notebook!

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December 15, 2008 1:08:56 PM

Hi to everyone, I been searching for a notebook, and a few days ago I saw this one - Area-51® m15x(alienware) this is a powerfull one!.
but to be honest i dont need something that powerfull, so i want you to advice me some notebook with similar characteristic but no so powerfull and expensive as the Area-51® m15x, another thing that i would like to have in a notebook is a bigger screen like one of 17 inches because the Area-51® m15x have 15 inches screen, well my limit of money is around 1000 dollars ...but obviously i prefer to spend less..and some uses that i want to do in the notebook are things like, office, photoshop, illustrator, flash, etc, internet, emule, bitttorrent, divx movies, and general gaming, games like Call of duty Grand Thef auto etc, in general the lasts releases of games in the market. i dont need that these games run on the best quality just that run smoothly.. and something important is that the notebook last for hopely a lot of years LOL because this will be like a hugh inversion for me and I really dont know when i will have money again to upgrade this notebook.
things that are important for me:
the procesor must be a core2duo, the screen 17 inch, decent graphic card (like NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS around that quality little worse is good too)

i See some notebooks with these characteristic like: acer Aspire 6920G, Medion P6612, HP Pavilion dv7-1025nr(expensive) and a Gateway too, but i really dont know if those are good brands (Acer,medion,gateway), so if you can advice me about the brands will be very helpfull too,

well thank you all!

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December 19, 2008 12:39:18 PM

Which Laptop to buy?

It's not the make that makes a good laptop, it's the specs. There are three main rules in buying a good computer or owning one, here's my guide to explain everything about them.

Object 1: Processor

The horses power of your laptop, the more Mega Hertz (MHZ) the faster. new processors are being developed every year. Nowadays dual core means two processors in one, core duo is more advanced and Quad Core is four processors instead. it doesn't matter AMD or Intel just get what ever your money can buy. but to be more specific AMD tends to be better at gaming where Intel is better at applications. Fair single processor with 2.4 GHz. Good Core duo 2.2 GHz, best Quad 2.6 GHz.

Object 2: RAM (Memory)

Ram is used by the processor to store the information into the hard drive, is it vital that the faster your processor is the more RAM you need, beforehand manufacturers use to sell computers with a powerful processors such as a P4 3.2Ghz but with only 512 mega bits (MB) of ram where in real life a processor that big will need 3 times more Ram. nowadays most laptops are sold with 1 or 2GB of Ram which is Ideal for vista, however it is always upgradeable and we recommend you upgrade to at least to 2GB to improve the performance of the computer, or 3.5GB maximum for windows 32bit and 8GB for windows 64bit, a Quad will need 6 to 8GB, a core duo will need 2GB to 3.5GB of Ram, it is cheap and will not harm your computer in any way.

Object 3: Hard Drive

The space, the rooms you need to store your files and documents. The hard drive stores important information which must not be deleted such as the Operating System, the Programs and other stuff if simply one, just one file is deleted your computer crashes. but the main deal is the more space you have the better, with Itunes you'll need at least 80GB of space which is equivalent to 40,000 songs but most will also have videos, large programs and photos, hard drive does not change how fast is your computer, it's simply a storage room, a fair would be a 60GB, the best is anything more. it's upgradeable too but you'll have to move all your files and systems to the new one which can be painful unless you've got us to do it for you. You must make sure that your laptop does not use RAID technology which is a tool mostly used to hide it from being seen on external devices or to use it to share two hard drives in one, this tool can prevent you from transferring your files. it is also where viruses play around but there's nothing you can do about that.

more details...

1. The make:

It isn't that important but here's a special's top 10 laptop makes.



based on experience, parts availability & quality. Apple can not be compared due to the difference in price.

2. The size:

There are three sizes to chose

1. 11" and smaller (ideal for internet & typing but no CD player)

2. 14" most common small size, high prices and lower specs.

3. 15" above, affordable and good specs.

3. The extras:

Wireless is available on all laptops, try and buy one with 108Mbs wireless speed as standard is 54.

Bluetooth? do you really use it.

DVDRW most people don't burn on DVDs, you should! its the size of 4 CDs.

SRS, Multiplex, 5.1 sounds, nah not really I wouldn't need to watch a DVD on laptop.

HD? even old laptops are HD so don't be fooled by HD technology on laptops.

Finger print security? not recommended, thieves are not interested in your files and its crackable.

Glossy, look for glossy screens they produce better graphics and details.

Graphics, you don't need more than the built in graphic card but gamers need a 256mb and more.

USB, where your printers, cameras plug into minimum of 4 ports maximum of 6.

Card reader, not many use it but it’s for your photos straight from any camera.

Metal or Plastic? Plastic to avoid shortage, metal hinges between the screen and the base board.

warranty, laptops thesedays tend to last no longer than 1 year try your best to get extended one.