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Iam trying to do a clean install of a win7 but in the installation it ask for driver but i dont have.i saw install video but in the video it does not ask for driver.
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  1. Driver for what?
  2. The installation asks for drivers if you have fairly new hardware for witch the drivers are not included on the installation disc. Normally you should have the drivers, because they came on a CD with the PC. If you don't have the CD, you can go to the support site of the manufacturer and download the drivers there. Actually the only one you will need in the first place is the LAN driver to get on the internet after your clean install. You can download the other drivers then from there.
  3. Can i just put a graphics card drivers disk just to bypass this problem and then after finish install then download the other driver from another pc.
  4. Just let Windows install the default drivers and then install the additional drivers afterward. That is the standard practice.
  5. Guys Guys lets back up a few posts and look at his initial problem, i believe what hes asking is during the very initial stages of install when its looking for disks. I can't be sure but i have a feeling its during this stage that hes having his problem?
  6. Sorry for late responds,busy trying to solve this problem.

    I tried to to use usb installation when in the install now page i connect a usb pen drive having a windows 7 installation iso file in it. It works but when trying to format HD it says error cannot blah blah blah error 0x80070057, so i gave up.

    Right now i want to know what cause this problem
    P.s. this problem is right after when i click the install now then the problem starts,windows installation ask for device driver that i dont what it is about.

    Also can anyone now what cause the error 0x80070057.

    Thank you

    p.p.s. iam 13 yr old cannot process too complicated answer
    if there any miss spell, iam using an iphone 4s (my father's) mine is HTC
    HD2(custom android rom)

    Hardware specs (not complete)
    AMD athlon II x3 2.7ghz
    AMD Radeon HD7750 (gigabyte)
    Gigabyte ga-ma74gmt-s2
    4gb 1333mhz kingston (downgrade to 2gb for installation)
    WD 160gb hard disk
    Samsung 22x dvd drive
    Basic psu
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