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Hey all,

I'm curious as to if anyone can solve an issue that I am having with an HP tx1308 (vista) WLAN internal card. I noticed a few days ago that the wireless LAN would not turn on via the switch on the laptop, nor would it show up in the device manager. I did the usual driver reinstall to now avail, so I contacted HP. After talking with HP, they suggested a system restore to isolate the problem. After a system restore, the issue was not resolved, so I concluded that the WLAN card was bad and removed it. After a day or two, I decided to reinstall the card just to ensure that it was bad. After reinstalling it, well, it magically worked again, at least until I put the laptop into hibernate mode. I restarted the computer as well, but to no avail.

So the question is, does it sound like the card itself is bad (potentially overheating) or could there be a potentially catastrophic issue with the motherboard? Does anyone have a suggestion to get it working again? If not, I believe I will forgo getting a new internal card and will buy an external express card for simplicities sake.

Thanks for the advice and time.
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    The problem is associated with the nvidia graphics chip running hot and causing the soldered connections to it to fail. The "failure" of the wireless card is an early sign that will usually result in the graphics failure next.

    There are several creative solutions to resolder the nvidia chip using the heat from a lamp that have worked for many people. Check youtube for a "how to repair a hp tx1000".
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