upgrading cpu on compaq presario v5207

I have an older compaq presario v5207 running Celeron M 410 and 940GML. I've done some searching and people said that chipset supports Core Duo even though Intel says no. Then I checked the bios changelog for my model and it says support for Core Duo T2050 and T2250 added. So I guess its safe to say picking up a T2050 for $35 and 2 gig for $20 is a safe upgrade. Interestingly, the later bios says support for Core 2 Duo added. I thought Core and Core 2 use different sockets? I have 479 socket and was wondering if a Core 2 will work. Value wise Core 2 is a lot more expensive so I don't know if it is that much faster than its older brother.
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  1. No, Core and Core2 do use the same form factor and a VERY few boards that ran Core could also run Core2 with a BIOS update. . . consider yourself lucky-- unless it's a misprint.
  2. thanks for the replay, just to be safe i'm gonna stay with a 533mhz Core Duo
  3. could you tell me please what kind of cpu could put to my same presario v5207?
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