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Now, I've done some reading on many different forums on this very topic, and I've seen information that would support both sides, so now I'm going to make a topic of my own... If you think I'm wasting your time, then just leave, don't flame.

Heres my dilemma:

Yesterday, a friend gave me a Western Digital Raptor (10,000RPM, 40GB) as a gift.

I'm still happy but unsure if it would be better for a system drive. Let me explain.

Currently I have 2 120GB Maxtor drives (7,200RPM) in a RAID 0 array that functions as my system and data drives.

Would a single Raptor do better as my system drive than this array? (in general)

Another problem is that my motherboard only has RAID capability on its SATA connectors, the IDE slots are not RAIDable. (I have converters on my IDE Maxtors to make them work on the SATA raid controller).

So if I install the Raptor, I'll have to break my array and either use them as seperate IDE drives, or buy a PCI add-in IDE raid card... which possibly won't give me enough bandwidth for the array anyways right?

I suppose I could also buy another Raptor... but I really don't want to spend that much money right now as I'm saving for future updates.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Heh! It can be hard to look a gift horse in the mouth. If your friend is unlikely to see inside the system, I'd tell him it's fine, and just not add it to the system for now.

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  2. a single raptor won't be faster than the setup you have right now. if you want to raid the raptor, then you'll gain something. sell the raptor if you don't want to use it. don't let it sit there and lose value.

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  3. You single raptor will make a better OS drive than the RAID0 array. RAID0 only enhances continuous read/write and the OS doesn't do that much; the OS does random reads, raptors rock at random reads. Just get a PCI SATA card for about $20 and plug your drive into that.

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  4. I agree with sjonnie. Put the raptor on the sata channel and then buy a pci raid card. Put the maxtors on that. Then install windows and your programs on your raptor and put the swap file on the raid array along with your data files.

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  5. Thanks for all the input!

    I've followed silverpig's advice and everything seems faster now. I have no real data to confirm my "feeling" though.

    Anyways, the Raptor is a great drive, especially the 2nd generation 74GB version. (wish I had a bunch of those ;P)
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