LCD screen compatibility?

I have an HP ZD8060us Pavillion notebook and I have 2 distinct lines one blue and one yellow which as i have researched means my lcd screen is failing (i did hook up to external monitor first and no lines) anyway i am shopping lcd screens and was not comfortable with the range of prices for the same listing of my laptop so i decided to pull my screen cover off and see what part number was on the back of the screen and it is a LG LP171WX2 A4-K1 and when i look up this part number on ebay or sites it is considerably cheaper than punching in my specific laptop and looking up screen that way, i saw a couple pictures of the screens backside and it looks to be the same so my question.
Is it the Same or are there differences i am not aware of?

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  1. No, that's pretty much the way to do it: get the part number of the LCD panel and find an exact match or a compatible replacement.
  2. Ahh thank you very much!
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