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Greetings all! I am currently in the market for a new tablet PC. I have a HP Compaq TC1100 Tablet PC right now , but it is slowing down with some of the newer installed applications I need to use at work. Below is a link for the unit.


The features I like about it are:

1. A detachable base that houses a keyboard
2. compact design
3. very quiet operation
4. ability to use it as a laptop when attached to the base

Some of the features that I don't like about it that I would like to see in my future tablet PC

1. You have to use the stylus (that has a battery) in order to use the touch feature of the screen. Using fingers would be much easier for my needs.
2. A mid range CPU and ability to upgrade ram to run Vista business

So, if anyone has ideas for either a completely new system or a more recent version of mine, please let me know. Thanks!
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  1. Suggest you check out www.tabletpcreviews.com
  2. That should actually read www.tabletpcreview.com
  3. Budget?
  4. Actually I am working on a 2500 budget. But hopefully I won't have to go that high.

    Thanks for the links.
  5. That's a decent price for a Tablet. But you want new, right?

    HP and Lenovo pretty much own the tablet scene at the moment. If I had to choose, I'd go with an x200, but you know, I'm a schill for ThinkPads.
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