Windows 7 not booting from SSD, install not listed on repair disk

Randomly, my computer is no longer able to boot from my OCZ Agility 3 SSD. By randomly, I mean it was working just fine this morning, but no longer. I can't remember if I changed or updated anything.

Well I then went and inserted the Windows 7 repair disk. A list pops up saying to select my OS, but nothing is listed. I selected load drivers, and I'm able to navigate to the ssd successfully and view all of the files. I even plugged it in to the computer I am using now and was able to back up the more important documents in case I will need to do a reinstall. (I would rather not though). The repair utility doesn't fix the problem, and I navigated this forum and many others trying to find similar problems to mine. I'm sorry if I missed a thread very similar to this, I just need help with my problem. I'm also sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread or sub-category, I'm somewhat new to this forum. All I know is that this is the place to be for anything PC related.

I don't know what information to give, so I will just post my system specs.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
AMD Phenom II X4 965
Galaxy GeForce GTX 460
16 GBs Corsair RAM

I do have two other hard drives on the system that I use for general programs and another for raw video storage. They are disconnected now, so I don't see how they would affect the problem.

I would prefer to solve this problem without re-doing my entire OS, but I will understand if there is no other way out. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and if you need any more information, I'll post what you need gladly.
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  1. Motherboard model?
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    You could try using the repair console and the fixboot and fixmbr commands.
  3. abekl said:
    You could try using the repair console and the fixboot and fixmbr commands.

    Alright, so went into the command console via the repair disk. sfc /scannow reported nothing was wrong with the installation, bootrec /scanos actually finds the C: Windows installation, which is great. bootrec /fixmbr completed successfully, but did not fix my problem. /fixboot however reports element is not found.
  4. I can't give the specific model atm, but I know it was manufactured by ASUS.
  5. Is the SSD recognized in the BIOS?
  6. cmichael138 said:
    Is the SSD recognized in the BIOS?

    Yes, the SSD is recognized in the BIOS. I can even view and modify files (I backed up the more important ones) on another computer. The repair just wouldn't find the Windows Installation.

    I did just end up reinstalling my OS. Faster and easier in the end, it seems. We could still try to figure out the problem in case someone in the future has the same issue as I did. I just never seen anything this bizarre before.
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