Clean Install - 182gb used?

Hey guys I just installed Win 7 and I only have 97gb free out of 279. Any idea what the heck happened?

I dont have any of my old files on the new install from what I can see.

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  1. You did format the drive first, right?
  2. guess not, how do i do that?
  3. Have to do it during the install. Make sure you have any required data backed up somewhere else first.
  4. appreciate the help man,guess i noobed it up and didnt boot from the disc, first time reformatting so im not really sure what im doing and reading around on the web helps but not as much as the direct feedback, so thanks

    so custom install-->drive options advanced--->

    shows Disk 0 Partition 1 - Total 279.5gb - Free 97.2gb - Type System
    Disk 0 Unallocated Space - Total 9.0mb - Free Space 9.0mb -

    Options below are delete, format, extend, new(greyed out) and load driver

    do i wanna format or delete and create a new partition?
  5. ok well i deleted, ran the install and locked up part way through after it was going through the registry settings, im not sure at what point exactly as i had stepped away for a moment. do i need to create a bootable iso with the sata drivers? do i need to install the nforce, display drivers at some point with a cd so i dont lock up ?
  6. If the hard drive(s) was detected during the partitioning part of the install, you don't need drivers. The install should not be freezing part way through. You may have a failing hard drive, or faulty ram? Grab MemTest86+ and start by testing your ram for a few hours.
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