Cannot Open or Run or install any Programs!

I just did a "samsung system restore" because i was playing a computer game that kept crashing and i thought restoring to a previous time would fix it. However, when i rebooted by computer the interface of windows 7 was different and i every program i open is messed up and text does not show in any program. even the "password" screen to log into my account has a different styled text. I am unsure what to do. Windows task manager does not work either. Please help
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  1. Sounds like System Restore has completely messed up your Operating System, which probably means a re-install of Windows. If possible back up any personal data to an external device. What sort of Samsung? Hopefully you will have a Restore Partition or disks to return to Factory settings
  2. This is why I hate OEM PC's with a vengeance...

    I agree, try and do a fresh install of Windows to get rid of all the vendor crapware. Next time, make sure to create your own system restore points using Windows' built-in feature.
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