Gateway MX6959 Motherboard Removal

I am new to this forum and looking for a website that has detailed instructions on how to dis assemble this laptop go I can remove the motherboard.

I recently got my A+ Certification and will bring the M/B to the school's electronics lab to repair the power connector.


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  1. You don't need a lab to repair a power connector, that's just a bit overkill.

    There's no hardware disassembly guides I could find, but here's some manuals provided by gateway.

    If you've never taken apart a notebook computer before, here's some guidelines to stick by:

    1: Remove everything you can that's large right away (hdd, ram, etc)
    2: Place your screws on a mat or large magnet in the position you took them out of. Often manufacturers will use different screw lengths in different places - make sure they all go back the same way. I have several Cisco switch mounting magnets that I use.
    3: If it doesn't move or come apart, you missed a screw.
    4: If you just can't find a screw and it still won't move, take a breathe, get a flashlight, and spend 5 minutes just looking at the notebook. Search for seams, clips, hidden holes, covered parts, etc.
    5: Remember what order you took things apart in. Often they only go back that way.
    6: Small flathead screwdrivers are your friends. Manufacturers love to use clipping chassis designs, and these drivers are perfect to wedge them apart.

    EDIT: oh, and about the power connector. It's just three leads soldered onto your board. Go to radioshack, get a compatible connector, desolder your old one off, and solder your new one on. good as new.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I took apart a Toshiba and reassembled it a few months ago. It has been sitting around a few years after my wife spilled coffee in it. I need to find a replacement for it down the road and get it working.

  3. Hey, never dash a man's excuse to go to the lab.
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