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Get Windows 7 to Sleep With Macro?

How would I get Windows 7 to sleep with a Macro Key? I have the Microsoft X6 Sidewinder Keyboard there is no obvious way to do it through the provided software other than if I were able to find a file that could be ran to execute sleep mode. Does anyone reading this have any ideas?
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  1. Bump... just got the X6 and am looking into how to do it. So far the only way I can find is to make a shortcut that will activate sleep, then assign a hotkey to it (in properties) and then assign that hotkey as a macro. I'd like if there was an easier way though.
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    Well that wasn't so bad... ok for anyone else who stumbles on this here's the answer:

    1) Open up your "Microsoft Keyboard" properties (aka Intellipoint)
    2) Select the macro key you want to assign it to, and hit Configure
    3) Select the option "Start a program, Web page, or file" and hit next
    4) Type this into the box: Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep
    5) ....
    6) Profit!
  3. Sweet Good Job
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