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HDD Corrupting Data

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June 7, 2004 10:42:22 PM

Hi Guys
Not sure if this is an OS problem or a hardware problem. We have 3 HDD of 160 Gigs. 2 Maxtor and 1 Seagate. We are using these to store multimedia data, so we have files that are in the region of 800Megs - 4 Gig each. That means we have approx. 150-200 files only. These drives only store data i.e.: No OS's on them. What we have found is that when we start to get to say 150Gigs of data the drive starts to play up. We start getting error messages in Windows. We get indexing problems and lost / corrupt data problems. We have tried both Fat32 and NTFS, there was no difference. We have tried Win2K as well as XP. The fact that this has happened on 3 different drives seem to indicate that it is an OS problem. We have this problem on 4 different machines. All the machines are quite new ie: P4 3GHz HT 1Gig Ram ATi 9800 Pro Graphics. P4 2.8Ghz HT 512MB Ram, 2.2GHz Amd K7 512MB Ram and AMD 64 3.0 GHz 1 Gig Ram. So as you can see there is a variety of different Mobo all having the same problem. Has anybody come across this type of error? I assume that if the PC can see the 160 Gig that the bios is okay. If it is that how can 4 different machine all have the same problem.

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June 8, 2004 8:37:06 AM

Well guys

I too was having the same problem and i am still having no solutions to this problem.

only soln that i have is this but not tried it.
- many ppl told me to use the diskmanager software provided by the respective hdd manufacturers.

i thought that this problem is with old mobos.
coz i have a 5yrs old intel 440Bx chipset with a pentium 3 450Mhz Pro... which does not have support for high capacity hdd's but you seem to have a latest mobo. the hdd on which the data gets corrupted is a slave(40GB 7200rpm) having only logical extended partitions even if it has a primary partition then also same problem my 2 slave also dosent have any os files
my os resides on 20Gb 5400rpm primary

the problem which i am facing that if data on my partitions go on more than 90 to 95 % of its capacity the folder names change to junk characters and the file system fat32 is destroyed and it shows a corrupt partition leaving me with no options but to format it.

i am using win 98 se as my os.

are you also facing the same problem.

experts plz post your views on this matter
June 9, 2004 11:10:21 AM

Hi guys I found this while doing some research;EN-US;305098
If you do a search on MS site you will see that it extends to all the O/S's I just read the one relavant to me as I am using Win2K
hope this helps.