Laptop displays that are not junk?

Last year, I bought a Dell Vostro, and opted for the 1440x900 display, hoping I would get a good display (better than the standard 1280x800). Thankfully, 0 dead or stuck pixels.

However, this has got to be one of the worst pieces of junk I have seen on a personal computer. When things are bright (on the screen, not the room), its 'just OK', but as soon as I do something that is darker, it just falls onto its face. The viewing angle is not only horrible, but even being 3' away from the monitor, there is a light, dark, then light band on the screen when its pitch black (as in, the viewing angle is NARROWER than the monitor, if that makes sense). Watched 'WALL*E' on it in a pitch black room, and no matter what brightness level or distance I was away from the monitor, it looks awful, especially in the dark scenes. For using Word or the internet, it is OK, but for anything like movies or things with dark scenes, its awful.

For reference, my old 19" Samsung 930B (a monitor CNET gave a solid 'meh' to) is ***VASTLY*** better, and its a nearly 4 year old TN panel. I will have a 24" Samsung 245T (the good one) as of Christmas morning.

Just want to be clear there is nothing wrong with it, other than the fact its just not a good product.

Question is - what non-Apple laptops have GOOD displays? Literally, even if it is was a little WORSE than my current 19" Samsung, I would be very happy. This Dell display is just terrible.

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  1. Generally those who buy 1440x900 displays aren't searching for quality, they're searching for value. Fact of the matter is, you ordered a value laptop, and you got one. There's nothing wrong with's just cheap. Notice how apple displays are $2500+...besides about 1k of that due to the fact there's a fruit on it, they're high quality displays. Similar displays in a notebook are usually only placed in high-end models of mainstream manufacturers or boutique manufacturers.
  2. I assumed that just because a 14", 1440x900 panel is so rare, it would tend to be something better.

    Any brands stand out as being better? Even with Dell, would the XPS have a better screen?
  3. Log a call with Dell and ask for replacement screen - ask for LG screen. You might have a cheap Samsung LCD or AUOptoelectronics. SPECIFY WHEN YOU LOG HE CALL YOU WANT LG !
  4. Why would Dell replace a screen that works 100% as specified?

    I am starting to bug them about the noisy headphone amplifier, so it would ROCK if they replaced the system!
  5. IMO, the Dell XPS M1330 and M1530 have pretty good displays.
  6. Was it a matte or glossy screen? IMO, matte screens for laptops are awful in terms of quality. I agree with CJL, the XPS screens, especially the LED displays. I have a Sager laptop and love the screen.
  7. It is a glossy screen.

    So the Dell XPS screens are good, what other stuff out there is good as well?
  8. Dell WILL replace the screen for quality issue, just log a call and ask for what I have suggested. You will be happy.
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