Hello, after turning on my laptop that have win 7 something happened <after the win 7 logo
and the moving 4 colours of the start up a blue screened error appears say "a problem has
been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer and at the
bottom of the message Technical information *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0x80786A50,0XC0000034
,0X00000000,0X00000000)" > and i tried to install a new windows drive C doesn't appear
and the other drive is not a NTFS so i couldnt install a new windows even turning on
the existing windows to take my files and thank u for ur time please help
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  1. Some more detail of your Computer would help. You have 2 drives, one appears to be inaccessible, probably not working, and the other needs to be formatted NTFS to install Windows, correct? Please give full details of your machine...
  2. and the other drive that i must formate it to solve the problem it will be a problem for me to do that as it has all my personal important data that i wont to lose , so if u have a better idea tell me please
  3. this is a new dell inspiron laptop with a 750 drive and 8 GB ram and intel HD 3000 and i7 processor
  4. by the way there are unlocated 43 GB which i cannot use as when i click " new " using these space an error appears , i dont know exactly what is letterly says but generaly i couldn't use it
  5. OK. I see this is the second time you opened this thread. (Should have stuck with 1st one...) Could be that the smallest partition is holding Restore files. What laptop is it? Have you tried restoring it to Factory? If you have data to recover you may have to boot from a USB device to retrieve it. If your HDD is healthy the FActory Restore should work.
  6. Do you have access to another machine capable of downloading and installing to a disk or USB external storage? Then you could create a bootable System like Ubuntu to rescue your files... Or another possibility would be to remove your HDD from the laptop and connect via a USB adapter to another machine to retrieve your data. This would require buying an adapter and pwr supply (not expensive)
    One like this would do, one USB for Power and the other to transfer data
  7. i have a pc that capable of downloading and a usb flash 16 GB but i want u please to tell me exactly what i have to do and thnks alot for ur time
  8. for ur information i live in egypy which has no ebay :)
  9. 1) test all hardware
    2) if hardware is fine to a fresh install
    3) restore your data from the BACKUP YOU SHOULD HAVE
  10. I always use the adapter, but here's a link that shows you how.
    I'll try it at the same time so if there's any hiccups.... Quicker than buying an adapter anyway...
  11. I'm rather sure he was simply posting that link to show you, what you might look for, at another retailer.
  12. apache_lives said:
    1) test all hardware
    2) if hardware is fine to a fresh install
    3) restore your data from the BACKUP YOU SHOULD HAVE

    We wish! So many don't bother till it's too late...
  13. Don't know about you, but I'm struggling with Ubuntu, I'll start a thread to find out the best way to do it...
  14. The error you have described appears whenever some system file crashes or the Windows itself gets crash.
  15. Here's a guide for you if you need it...
    1. USB flash drive/ SD card etc. with min 1Gb capacity, formatted FAT32 to mount Ubuntu Desktop. (NTFS won’t work)
    2. External HDD/Flash Drive/SD card with enough capacity to store files to be recovered.
    1. Go to

    Choose your Flavour 32 or 64 bit and ‘Start Download’
    Choose ‘Save As’ at the bottom of your screen save the download somewhere easy to find, like Desktop.

    2. Go to

    Click ‘ Download UNETBOOTIN now’
    Choose ‘Run’
    Ignore dire warnings and choose ‘Actions’ then ‘More Options’ and ‘Run Anyway’
    The Unetbootin Screen should appear.
    Select the Ubuntu ISO by clicking on the button with three dots and pointing to wherever you downloaded it.
    Select the drive you want to use and ‘OK’

    Once installed you will be invited to reboot your machine. This could be useful to test the installation, but not necessary, as you will be using it to boot on the failed PC. Remember to change boot options to include USB

    Run Ubuntu Desktop

    1. Insert your USB device into problem PC, as well as your External Backup.
    2. Change Boot priority to include USB
    3. On Installation Screen Choose ‘Try Ubuntu without installing.’
    4. Select Home Folder, top left 3 down.
    5. The drives on the PC will be shown as Devices and ordered by size if more than one.
    6. Open the drive where your data is stored, select folder(s) to be rescued by Rt click, and ‘Send To’
    7. Send as ‘Removable Disks and Shares’
    8. Choose your External Drive to Send To.
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