Dual booting win xp 32-bit with win 7 64-bit

This is probably the same question as above, but I just want to be sure. I have an older PC that no longer works. It's OS is Win XP 32 Bit and I want to install it in my new PC that I just upgraded from Vista home 64 to Win 7 64 bit. Can I do this to dual boot XP and Win 7?
New specs:
AMD Phenom II x 4 910 (2.60GHz)
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  1. No reason why it wouldn't work.
  2. its a lot easier if you put them on two separate hdds. I was tri-booted for a while.
  3. My mistake, you may have answered my question, but I realize I was not very specific. I want to install my XP hard drive into my new PC in addition to the my Win7 hard me two hard drives. Any problems with Win7 reading this second hard drive with XP on it?

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    The drive will be visible under Windows 7, though you may need to mess with the file permissions under the 7 install in order to do anything with the data.
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