new 20" widescreen questions about resolution in games

Well I upgraded from the Samsung 19" to the 205bw 20". I am enjoying the size and the hight adjustment as well as the crispness. However I have a question about resolution

PC specs:
AMD 64 x2 3800+
2 gig 333 ddr ram
EVGA 7600GT vid card
Elder scrolls: oblivion 4x AA Most things on high

When i was runing the 19" in 1440x900 I have no stuttering or low frame rates. However now in 1680x1050 I am getting poor performance when casting and in out door areas.

Wich is better:

1) I assume that running in the higher resolution will slow things down. Should I lower the settings for the game? ie no AA ?

2) Can I run the game in 1440x900 and keep the eye candy maxed out?

thanks in advance!
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  1. the higher res will slow things down and some people say at those res's you can lower or do without AA but it comes down to personnal preference.

    as to wther you can lower your res with that LCD, it depends on how well it scales. what options does your monitor have. can you choose between fill, maintain aspect ratio or 1:1 pixel ratio or just the first 2. if you can do the latter then it won't decrease visual quality, however the other 2 especially the first will leaad to a slight and probably imperceptable reduction in quality.

    basically, i would try out as many different settings as you like and see how it looks as that is all that matters.
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