CD R wont burn 698mb to 700Mb disc

Hi All,

I have an external USB 1.1/2 BTC CD-r/RW and am using nero burning ROM 5. The drive model is BCE-5232UI. I am trying to burn files of about 680mb to 700 mb cd-r (imation) discs. Everytime i try Nero (and windows XP if i use the build in tool) reports that there is not enough space on the cd. When i check the cd info via nero it reports that the disc capacity is 703MB. What am i doing wrong?


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  1. There's some sort of other information that's also written to the CD, some kind of table, lead in, lead out, probably accounts for the rest of that space.

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  2. There are some settings you can change to minimize space taken up by the tables. For one, don't make it mult-session, and "finalize" the burning. There may be some more tips online.

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  3. Ok, i will try to see if i can reduce the li/lo times. What exactly do they do by the way? And would you have any other tool to reccomend for burning large files onto CD which is a little more flexible than nero?
  4. Easy CD Creator 6!!! Nero 6!!! CDRWin (6?)!!!

    PS: mostly this is a burner f.ware limitation not the software itself, but try latest and gratest and seeeeeee!!!!

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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