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I just read the review on the new E-MU cards ( )and they got the big thumbs up which was great as I have one myself. I did notice they said something about not been able to run games or DVD's but I can do both with no problems. In fact everything sounds much better than my previous card which was a real good gaming card etc. There is a forum as well for the EMU cards here:
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  1. Good review, but how they can say that getting an Audigy2 for DVD/gaming and "stay at the same level of quality" is beyond me. There is no comparison between the cards.
  2. I'm going to be buying a pro audio card soon, but it won't be E-MU. They look nice, but I'm just going to stick with a brand that is well known like M-Audio. I plan on getting the Omni studio, It's a pretty nice sound card with a cool break out box, and can control the volume for your monitors.

    The E-MU looks nice, but honestly I wouldn't trust Toms review, simply because this site doesn't seem to be really geared towards sound recording audio hardware. Nothing against Toms, I'd just rather read the review from a site specific to the home recording world.

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  3. hehe, try it urself and you will know the new emu sound better than M-audio, even best delta1010 doesn't sound as good 1212m. except the only WDM driver people have problem with, do you know hows the driver when maudio first came out? haha , anyway omni studio sound ok.
    and just be awarm if you go with the delta series, (which i believe oni studio is using delta chipset) you wont be able to use the wonderful TC powercore reverbs and EQ!!

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  4. Gotta agree with you there. It's interesting when you look at the background, knowing EMU is Creative, and I'm sure some older Ensoniq technology is possibly mixed in somewhere. It's suprising they haven't done this sooner, as the last pro audio orientated system they had that I remember was the Paris system they adopted when Creative consumed Ensoniq. Just knowing the steps, or mis-steps as it were, that Creative has taken over the years makes me hesitate on the E-MU offering. I would probably recommend them depending on need and budget, but I'm not sure I would make it my first choice.

    As for myself, I am happy with my MOTU.

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