Presario 2100 "studdering" problem

My 2100 has recently developed, what I can best describe as a studdering problem. When using the mouse (or touch pad) The pointer will stop or not respond. The same problem happens with the keyboard, when typing, letters will be left out as if they wernt pushed.

So far I have run a defrag, diskcheck for errors and even went so far as to reformat (thinking it might be a registry problem) Still, nothing has worked that i can think of.

Any help or advice would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Is this happening right after startup, or after a period of use? Reseated the cables inside for the touchpad and keyboard? Did you control-alt-delete when this is happening, then "task manager" and "processes", to see if it is not some software playing up, using all resources, the same for the cpu-tab there, anything abnormal? These things can also happen (usually hard to access/slow cd/dvd roms may be also a sign) of a bad ide connection, hogging the system, so reseat the harddisk and other drives. Also blow out the keyboard with compressed air, "stuff" maybe inside.
  2. The mouse and keyboard did the same to me.

    The problem was caused by the dead battery. Removing the battery everything works fine again.

    It is not enought to upgrade BIOS, neither remove the windoz driver of the battery status, neihter upgrade the synaptic mouse driver.

    I imagine that the dead battery causes an interrupt with higher priority than the mouse.

    Just REMOVE the dead BATTERY!!!!

    PS my exaxt model is: Presario 2141EA (always of the presario 2100 family)
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