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Hi! Happy new year to you all reading this.

My new battery for my asus eee pc 1000h has stuck charging at 48%. I've tried draining the battery completly and charging it again for over 12 hours, but to no help. I have no clue what to do now so Im turning to you.

What can i do to unstuck my battery at 48%?

Thanks for all support I can get.

Best regards, Thom
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  1. When you saw new, 1) brand new, never used? and 2) exact same model? Or at least the same number of cells and capacity as the previous?.
  2. It's an asus original battery, and it never charged above 48% since i first charged it.
  3. Does the ASUS bios have a recalibration function? If not, it may that the number is being mis reported. If you can boot with the battery in, once the OS is up, remove the battery and unisntall the driver for the battery and the controler (if applicable), reboot. Once the os is up again, insert the battery. . .
  4. No i cant find it, but i've heard about other asus pc's that have it. Where do i find the drivers and uninstalling them? I tried to but it didn't work, or maybe i just uninstalled the wrong ones.
  5. Windows XP Home, right?
  6. Yes it is. Do you know if there is any standalone battery calibration programs around?
  7. no, well, maybe. But, in my experience it's controller dependent, which is why one sees them as componets of the BIOS set up. My initial fear was, and still is, that the battery controller on you laptop is bad, or the controller on the battery is bad (if it's one of those "smart" ones). In other words, the battery is probably good, but the Asus firmware is misreporting the capacity to the ACPI. It may be that the steps of removing and reinstalling the physical battery and the ACPI driver for it will have no effect, so worst case scenario is, short of a board replacement or firmware upgrade form Asus there is no solution for you.

    A work around is tell windows to ignore the LOW BATTERY and CRITICAL BATTERY conditions.
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