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noob question about ide and ata

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June 11, 2004 4:24:43 PM

ok sorry about how simple this query is but...
ive currently got a mobo that im using a ide with ( 120Gb western digital drive) - that is now full so i wanna get another (another 120Gb should do fine). while looking at eBuyer etc. i noticed two main catgories for HDs (standard personal use ones anyway) serial ATAs and IDEs.
im thinking about changing my mobo soon (don't ask why) and i just wanna know what the diff is between them? and will they be compaitble etc.?
thx for any help

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June 11, 2004 4:33:12 PM

Can someone update the FAQ to answer this question?

Alternatively you could just search the forums to get an answer.

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etc. etc.

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June 11, 2004 7:24:31 PM

SATA and IDE, also refered to as PATA, are elctrical and software specifications that allow storage devices to be accessed. Generally this is used to directly attach hard drives to Motherboards, or to attach hard drives to other controllers that are attached to the motherboard.

IDE was designed as an internal only interface and utilizes the flat ribbon calbes for interconnect to the devices.

SATA was designed as an internal interface to replace IDE, but is does have external possibilities. (Although, it is my understanding that some additional software protocols need to be added to fully realize the benefit of this.

While SATA has the ability to completely replace IDE, for the most part only hard drives are currently being offered.

Most likely through 2005 the majority of motherboards will offer both IDE and SATA interfaces.

As specified SATA and IDE are NOT compatible except at the software level.

There are adapaters availalbe that will converT SATA to IDE and vice versa.
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June 11, 2004 9:17:53 PM

Hey sjonnie when you turn old hand?

Anyway in answer to the question, SATA(serial ATA) is a new interface that is set to over take PATA (parellel ATA). PATA is also reffered to as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), which i always found strange because both SATA and PATA use IDE.

SATA offers more bandwidth and smaller cables, however no current hard drives can take advantage of the bandwidth offered by PATA(133MB/sec) let alone SATA(150MB/sec). So atm the only real advantage is smaller cables.

SATA requires a SATA controller and is not compatible with PATA (although you can buy PATA-SATA hard drive adaptors). SATA also uses a different power connector, so you will need a PSU with SATA connectors or an adaptor.

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June 12, 2004 2:12:01 AM

Most SATA drives also include a standard 4-pin power header, and most motherboards with SATA include 4-pin to SATA Power adapters, both being redudant to the power supply's SATA power output. Lots of redundancy, it's doubtfull that anyone will have a problem there.

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